Judicial Review

We advice and represent client’s in Judicial Review matters.

Judicial Review comes within the public law domain and allows individuals, businesses, and other groups to challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by Ministers, Government Departments, local authorities and other public bodies. The main grounds of review against decisions of public bodies include acting outside the scope of statutory powers, unfairness/bias in following procedure or irrationality of decisions. Delay in making decisions and/or refusal to make same also form viable grounds for instituting Judicial Review claims. The Human Rights Act 1998 created an additional ground, making it unlawful for public bodies to act in a way incompatible with Convention rights.

We have lawyers who are experts in Judicial Review (JR) matters. Our services under this practice area include:

  • Advising clients on proper steps to follow where they feel that that have a case against public bodies.
  • Acting for clients in making further representations and pre-action protocol letters for reconsideration by public bodies.
  • Instituting Judicial Review Claims including preparing JR applications and grounds in support of JR applications.
  • Negotiated Settlement.
  • Preparing JR Renewal Applications.

We have successfully acted for clients against Local Councils and Government Agencies.

The nature of JR cases demands that we work closely with leading Barrister’s Chambers across England and Wales who have expertise in JR matters where the claims reach the hearing stage in the Administrative Court.